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With fake news, political unrest around the world it is often hard to get quality news. We have created services where we connect you to news stories from across the web and articles written by and for members of the LGBTQ+ community.

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Interesting Articles

Articles written by people from the worldwide LGBTQ+ community, sharing their stories, opinions and experiences in their own style and from their unique perspective.

Agony Zir

We all need a little support and advice at times. Agony Zir is based on the agony aunt or advice column concept. Ask your question to Agony Zir and get replies based on community experiences.

Monthly Magazine

Your free monthly magazine that features articles relating to travel, interest pieces, recipes and much more.

Be a Writer

Ever wanted to write an article and your work out there for all to read and enjoy? At Gayther, we want to hear from people with real experiences like you. Learn more about how you can write and submit articles to Gayther

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