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Discover all of the resources available within Gayther, from powerful searches to interactive guides and community-related tools. Gayther is your one-stop resource whether at home or while travelling, with 233 countries and 435 regions, giving you access to thousands of weather-related information, beautiful country images and so much more…., Gayther is your global community resource

Discover the world around us

Country & Weather Guides


Get all of the information you need to know for over 233 countries and 435 regions....more

Global Weather


Find out all about your local weather or for hundreds of places around the world....more

Worldwide LGBTQ+ 2019


Learn more about the Worldwide LGBTQ+ 2019 population by country and region....more


LGBTQ+ Focus: World Popular Destinations

Top-ten most traveled destinations in 2019 and how they fair for members of the LGBTQ+ community. With Coronavirus vaccines on the horizon, international travel will likely resume in 2021 and with it, allowing us to again begin dreaming and planning of visiting faraway places. Many of the popular destinations offer visitors stunning views, excitement, history, and entertainment; however, how do the governments of those countries treat members of the community?


Interactive Airport Maps

Travelling overseas requires a lot of planning, knowing the departure and arrival terminals, and the options of how to get there. Gayther has introduced interactive airport terminal maps for TWENTY international airports. You will be able to quickly find the location of the terminals, car parks and the various transport methods available. Discover interactive terminal maps today



Worldwide Significant Events


Never miss a Remembrance Day or Awareness Week again....more

Search | EVENTS
(s) World AIDS Day Worldwide 01 Dec
Pride in Toyland San Diego, USA 05 Dec
(s) Pansexual Pride Day Worldwide 08 Dec
(s) Hanukkah Worldwide 10-18 Dec
(s) Winter Solstice Worldwide 21 Dec
(s) Christmas Day Worldwide 25 Dec
(s) Boxing Day Worldwide 26 Dec
(s) Kwanzaa Worldwide 26 Dec-01 Jan
(s) International New Year's Eve Worldwide 31 Dec
NYE PVR 2020 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 31 Dec
Please note: A number of public and outdoor events have been postponed, or cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Before making any plans, please ensure that the event is still taking place

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Worldwide LGBTQ+ Equality


How does your country score in the World Equality Index?....more

Travel Inspiration


Need inspiration? Our guide gives tips about where to travel throughout the year....more

LGBTQ+ Marriage & Unions


Looking to marry or form a union? Our interactive tool helps to quickly show all of the countries that recognise same-sex unions. Do not forget to use our helpful Marriage checklist tool....more


Destination Madrid
¡Vale Madrid! Known as el Foro (the forum), a term that originated from ancient times, as it was a place in which people would come to gather. A vibrant, welcoming, and architecturally stunning landscape, Madrid is probably one of the most understated cities in the world. Visitors are often left in awe of its beauty, with its green open places, historic buildings, fun nightlife, and welcoming people. For those that have visited Madrid, usually, they come away in love with all that the city has to to read more

Ancient Gays: LGBT throughout history

Some believe that more people are identifying as LGBTQ+ than ever before, often calling it a fad, trend, or just a sign of the times; however, history shows that the community has existed for thousands of years. Many LGBTQ+ members often played important roles within their communities, societies, and in history. The past hundred years have seen reforms in the laws and rights of many within the community, but what was life like for members of the community hundreds or even thousands of years ago? to read more

Destination NYC

Very few cities in the world are truly iconic and recognisable by so many of its landmarks. NYC is always in the top-ten most visited cities in the world for good reasons, home to many diverse cultures and great attractions that are frequently featured in films and tv shows. The city of dreams offers visitors and residents alike a lot of fun things to do that there is never enough time to see and do them to read more


Worldwide LGBTQ+ Equality


Throughout history, countless brave individuals have fought hard for the rights and freedoms many enjoy today, every year we highlight key individuals that have made a significant contribution to the community....more

LGBTQ+ Advocates


The many individuals that are still, today, representing or advocating for the global community. Throughout the year, we highlight individuals and the contributions they are making to the community....more


Agony Zir


Need help? Why not ask Agony Zir?....more



Discover all of the fantastic charities by using our interactive tool....more

Support Groups


Looking for a support group? Use our interactive tool to find the nearest one to you....more

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Connecting the global community

The complete A to Z of country information, community resources and quality services, business and events from around the world

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We at are passionate about the LGBTQ+ community, not just about advocating but helping the world in seeing and understanding the diverse and amazing individuals that form this exceptional community. A community that has been around for thousands of years, and it is the only group that represents every country, race, religion and speaks every language across the entire globe.

Attitudes have been changing over the past 50 years, mainly in part due to people having the freedom to be their true self without fear of persecution, but also through people knowing someone that identifies as LGBTQ+. If you believe you do not know a single person that identifies as LGBTQ+, then it is most likely someone in your life does not want to share their true self with you… more

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