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Get all of the information you need to know for over 233 countries and 435 regions....more

Global Weather


Find out all about your local weather or for hundreds of places around the world....more

Worldwide LGBTQ+ 2019


Learn more about the Worldwide LGBTQ+ 2019 population by country and region....more


Big Boys Should Cry: Redefining Gender Roles

With the number of male suicides, reports of domestic violence, and sexual assaults against men worldwide on the rise, it is believed that a large number of cases are still going unreported. For many, reporting these types of crimes are often seen as a weakness or a source of shame, creating a cycle in which those committing the crimes can carry on offending without any consequences. Boys and men are taught from a young age what it means to be a man, but not that bad things sometimes happen. Things that are out of their control and, most importantly, are not their fault. Is it now time that we all say big boys should cry sometimes?


Inclusive Care: Tips for providing care for the elder LGBTQ+ community
Inclusive Care:
Tips for providing care for the elder LGBTQ+ community

What would it take for LGBTQ+ individuals to seek out traditional care facilities and services?



Worldwide Significant Events


Never miss a Remembrance Day or Awareness Week again....more

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(s) Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Rwanda Genocide Worldwide 07-Apr
(s) World Health Day Worldwide 07-Apr
(s) Day of Silence (LGBTQ+) LGBT 09-Apr
(s) Equal Pay Day Worldwide 12-Apr
(s) Ramadan Worldwide 12-Apr - 11-May
(s) Day of Dialogue Worldwide 15-Apr
(s) Youth Homelessness Matters Day Worldwide 18-Apr
(s) Bicycle Day Worldwide 19-Apr
(s) Day of Silence Worldwide 21-Apr
(s) International Mother Earth Day Worldwide 22-Apr
Please note: A number of public and outdoor events have been postponed, or cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Before making any plans, please ensure that the event is still taking place

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Worldwide LGBTQ+ Equality


How does your country score in the World Equality Index?....more

Travel Inspiration


Need inspiration? Our guide gives tips about where to travel throughout the year....more

LGBTQ+ Marriage & Unions


Looking to marry or form a union? Our interactive tool helps to quickly show all of the countries that recognise same-sex unions. Do not forget to use our helpful Marriage checklist tool....more


Adult Adoption: creating the family you need

They make up almost half of the world's population, are bringers of life, and have influenced or been the driving force behind many significant historical events. Discovered or invented life-changing science, technology, and innovations for thousands of years. In 2021 and to celebrate Women's History Month, let us look back at all of the amazing things women have achieved throughout the to read more

2021 Worldwide LGBTQ+ Equality

The overall equality, laws and legal protection for many within the gay community continue to improve each year. Many countries are changing their legislation to be more inclusive, from the legal recognition of gender identities to people's right to marry and adopt. With 70 countries still having antiquated laws in place and 12, even today, handing down death sentences as a maximum penalty, there is still a long way to go, so what is the worldwide LGBTQ+ equality status in 2021? to read more

Inclusive Care: Tips for providing care for the elder LGBTQ+ community

Social media and smartphone apps are a great way to network, connect and meet with similar people to yourself. With growing hostilities towards the LGBTQ+ community in certain countries worldwide, are there ways to protect yourself online while still meeting other like-minded people? to read more


Worldwide LGBTQ+ Equality


Throughout history, countless brave individuals have fought hard for the rights and freedoms many enjoy today, every year we highlight key individuals that have made a significant contribution to the community....more

LGBTQ+ Advocates


The many individuals that are still, today, representing or advocating for the global community. Throughout the year, we highlight individuals and the contributions they are making to the community....more


Agony Zir


Need help? Why not ask Agony Zir?....more



Discover all of the fantastic charities by using our interactive tool....more

Support Groups


Looking for a support group? Use our interactive tool to find the nearest one to you....more

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We at are passionate about the LGBTQ+ community, not just about advocating but helping the world in seeing and understanding the diverse and amazing individuals that form this exceptional community. A community that has been around for thousands of years, and it is the only group that represents every country, race, religion and speaks every language across the entire globe.

Attitudes have been changing over the past 50 years, mainly in part due to people having the freedom to be their true self without fear of persecution, but also through people knowing someone that identifies as LGBTQ+. If you believe you do not know a single person that identifies as LGBTQ+, then it is most likely someone in your life does not want to share their true self with you… more

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