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World Dialling Codes

The unique telephone prefix for all countries across the globe

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An international dialling code is typically a two-digit code that is added to the beginning of a business or personal telephone number and is used to help determine and route the telephone call to the country which the number originates

Nearly all countries around the world follow a similar structure in relation to telephone numbers.

Country code + Area code +Personal/business telephone number

A number will start with the country code, which helps to identify and route the call to the right country, it is then followed by the area code, which relates to the geographic region in which the number is located, and lastly, the personal or business telephone number which is unique to each person or business.

When dialling a number, you are routed or directed through a number of telephone exchanges in which each are routing your call to the required destination. The unique codes and structure help in not only successfully identifying where the telephone call’s recipient is located, but also supports the routing and successful connection of the inbound and outbound telephone call.



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