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Learn more about the amazing world around us

Learn more about the amazing world around us. Gayther offers a range of resources designed to help you find the information you want and need, from worldwide currencies to spoken to languages; you can find it all on

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World Climates

Learn more about the average, high and low temperatures, average rainfall, snowfall and windspeed for every country across the globe

World Currencies

Learn more about the currencies used within each country, the names, symbols and denominations and much more

World Languages

Learn more about the language or languages that are spoken in each country and region of the world

World Timezones

Discover how many hours ahead or behind any given country in the world is from you right now

Worldwide Emergency Numbers

Learn the fire, police and ambulance emergency numbers for every country across the world, a must before you travel

Worldwide Dialling Codes

When dialling abroad, it is essential that you know and add a country’s unique prefix, which is known as a dialling code

Worldwide Electricity & Electrical Plugs

Learn more about the type of plug adapters and the voltage and hertz used by every country across the globe

World Airports

Discover more information about the leading regional and international airports for every country around the world

Worldwide Driving

When driving abroad, it is essential to know which side of the road to drive on as well as whether any special permits are required. Our easy to use guide provides driving-related information for every country around the world

Official Tourism Resources

Want to learn more about a specific country or region, access the guide to tourism resources to find out more

Key Terms & Definitions

Learn more about the key terms used throughout the Gayther site

International Groups & Unions

Learn more about international groups and unions from around the world

Key Sources & References

Learn more about the data used on Gayther and key sources of information

LGBTQ+ Equality Index

Understand the status and laws relating to the LGBTQ+ community in this easy-to-use equality index, which provides a score for every country in the world

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