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Travel Destinations

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Need some inspiration? Use the Gayther travel destinations tool and discover five destinations based on your criteria. Choose the month of the year you wish to travel and the type of adventure you are looking for to find the available options. All of the results provide links to the relevant country and region guides so you can find more about the destination and how they treat the LGBTQIA+ community. Discover your next potential travel destination today

Number of questions: 2 | Average completion time: 1 minute 10 seconds


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HOW TO USE | Start by clicking the ‘Click to start’ button found below. Once you have found the relevant answer for the first question, you will automatically be directed to the second question and so on. The results will appear once you have completed all of the available questions in the quiz. The results will appear once you have completed all of the available questions. Once you want to read the next question, select the back to quiz top
Which month would you like to travel?
Travel Destinations - Month - January
Travel Destinations - Month - February
Travel Destinations - Month - March
Travel Destinations - Month - April
Travel Destinations - Month - May
Travel Destinations - Month - June
Travel Destinations - Month - July
Travel Destinations - Month - August
Travel Destinations - Month - September
Travel Destinations - Month - October
Travel Destinations - Month - November
Travel Destinations - Month - December



What type of trip are you looking to take?
Travel Destinations - Type - Beach
Sunshine & Beach
Travel Destinations - Type - City
City Break



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Travel Destinations (Weather)



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When travelling, getting around often takes time and planning. The Gayther travel and transport section features thousands of airports, trains, metro stations, ports and many more modes of transport across the globe. Discover our interactive tool, featuring enhanced airport and metro station listings making it even easier to get from A to B


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