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At Gayther, we believe in the truth and hearing from people that are living and experiencing situations first hand, unedited and without bias. With this in mind, we have created the media platform to give real people, not affiliated with Gayther a voice. The media sections are provided free of charge, and the stories, opinions and experiences are their own to tell and from their unique perspective.
Important: The published articles have been written by members of the general public, and many will likely not be journalists nor be affiliated with any professional bodies associated with members of the media. The articles will likely be based on the authors own opinions, views and experiences and Gayther does not endorse nor accept any responsibility or liability with regards to any of the materials within the news and media pages.

2020 Worldwide LGBTQ+ Equality

March 7, 2021 | Atilla Tiriyaki
The overall equality, laws and legal protection for many within the gay community continue to improve each year. Many countries are changing their legislation to be more inclusive, from the legal recognition of gender identities to people's right to marry and adopt. With 70 countries still having antiquated laws in place and 12, even today, handing down death sentences as a maximum penalty, there is still a long way to go, so what is the worldwide LGBTQ+ equality status in 2021? to read more

2020 Worldwide LGBTQ+ Equality

April 6, 2020 | Atilla Tiriyaki
Thankfully we live in an age where countries are successfully repealing or even updating antiquated laws. Unfair laws, that no longer represented the views of the majority and which for many years were creating inequalities for specific groups across communities. When governments appeal or amend these laws, they are sending clear statements, signalling that the country as a whole is becoming more accepting and tolerant of people regardless of age, race, gender or any other way that they wish to live their lives. So, in 2020, how do countries score in terms of equality around the world? to read more

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