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When planning a trip or unsure where you want to go, understanding the historical weather trends can be beneficial. Knowing which months are warmest, with the least rain or when the most snow will fall can mean you can get the vacation you want. Gayther has hundreds of detailed weather information for every country worldwide and is based on average data over fifteen years.

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The perfect weather conditions can make or break a trip or event. Dry, sunshine and warm climates are the ideal conditions for outdoor events, whereas large amounts of fresh snow are perfect for skiers. Unfortunately, the weather is unpredictable and even though 7-day forecasts can be helpful, they are not available when planning trips months in advance. When planning ahead, you can improve your chances of the perfect climate by looking at the different types of weather conditions typical for a particular time of the year.

Average temperatures, rainfall, snowfall, wind speed and other climate information over a long period, can help to estimate what the temperature and condition might be for a specific month. Gayther uses 15 years of average data, which though does not provide any guarantees, offers reasonable estimates of what the weather might be like based on historical trends.



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