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Area Code

The area codes from a telecommunications perspective is a numeric code that usually goes before a business or personal telephone number and is used to divide and identify regions and districts within a country. Telecom networks are connected by a number of telephone exchanges which helps in both the routing and directing of inbound telephone calls

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Denomination / Division

Currency denominations or divisions is the term used to reference the lower units or decimals of a currency. For example, one hundred cents (¢) makes one dollar ($), and one hundred pence (p) makes one pound (£). Lower denominations and divisions are typically coins rather than notes and are usually made of non-precious metals (bronze, copper plate, nickel and alloys – mixtures of different metals)

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Geo Location

When we typically access the internet, we connect via a telecommunications company/provider (through our mobile device, broadband, Wi-Fi, etc.). Upon connecting, we will usually be assigned by our provider both a local and external IP (Internet Protocol) address, which is used to help identify both the network (telecommunications provider) and the physical location of the connection (typically the closest telephone exchange, satellite etc.).

The IP address and GPS (Global Positioning System) coordinates, if using a smartphone device, are shared with websites and applications (if you provide approval) and detail your physical location, enabling the website or app to provide you with tailored services based on your physical location, for example, businesses or services around you by proximity/distance.

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QR Codes

Quick Response Code or QR code is a type of two-dimensional barcode. Unlike traditional barcodes that contain a limited amount of information used by machines (such a product codes), QR codes can be used to not only share the same information as traditional barcodes but also phrases, website links, licence information and so much more.

The recipient of the QR code only needs a QR reader which are typically free to use and download and are available on both android and IOS devices. Also, the recipient needs a camera capable of capturing a reasonable image quality to be able to scan the code and for the information contained within the QR code to be displayed.

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What3Words is an innovative way of talking about and sharing location information. Every place on earth can be identified by using both a longitude (the angle/position east to west) and latitude (the angle/position north to south). These measurements are numeric, and the more decimal places that are used, the more concise and accurate the location. What3words has created an innovative system that instead of using numeric geo positions, they use a grid system where each location can be described and located by merely using three words.

Not only does three words make it easy to share accurate location information, but it also provides opportunities in logistical and transportation technology to deliver to and locate an individual’s exact location accurately. To learn more about What3words visit

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