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LGBTQIA+ Advocate Causes & Campaigns

All the platforms for the LGBTQIA+ causes and campaigns going on right now
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Right now, there are people across the globe who are actively being persecuted. Many face injustices in their daily lives, afraid and targeted because of their sexuality or how they choose to identify. Organisations and people worldwide are highlighting and mobilising the community to combat these injustices. Whether online petitions or protests, there are many ways to get involved and support the global LGBTQIA+ community

Many campaigns are going on around the world at any given time. To help get involved, we have created links to many key websites and resources used for LGBTQIA+ causes. For active campaigns, click on the organiser’s name, where you will be taken to their website. Once on their site, you will be able to search for active LGBTQIA+ causes and campaigns.

Name Type
wdt_ID Cty Code Con Code Sub Code Flag Country Country Name Name Continent/Region Type Description Link
1 ZZ World World All Out – petition for LGBTQ+ rights Petitions Online and offline approaches to draw attention to the push for equality for lesbian, gay, bi and trans (LGBT+) people Click for more
2 ZZ World World Petitions More than 200 million people in 196 countries are creating change in their communities Click for more
3 ZZ World World Human Rights Watch Petitions Human Rights Watch investigates and reports on abuses happening in all corners of the world Click for more
4 ZZ World World Open Democracy Petitions OpenDemocracy is an independent global media organisation Click for more
5 GB EUR EUN United Kingdom (UK) United Kingdom (UK) 38 Degress – people, power, change Northern Europe (Europe) Petitions 38 Degrees is an online campaigning organisation, involving more than 2 million people from every corner of the UK. Click for more
6 GB EUR EUN United Kingdom (UK) United Kingdom (UK) Involve Northern Europe (Europe) Petitions Involve is the UK’s leading public participation charity Click for more
7 GB EUR EUN United Kingdom (UK) United Kingdom (UK) Petitions – UK Government and Parliament Northern Europe (Europe) Petitions Petitions on the UK Government and Parliament site Click for more
8 ZZ World World ipetitions – your voice counts Petitions iPetitions takes the power of the internet to transform society and places it in the hands of ordinary people Click for more


Wecare.LGBT is an open-source project focused on collecting, organising and sharing LGBTQIA+ related information. The project was created to ensure that community information is recorded and made available freely in a format that is accessible to all. The project aims to become a central library for all LGBTQIA+ related data that will grow over time and become a valuable resource widely accessed and used worldwide. Wecare.LGBT was designed so that those from within the community can add and manage the data


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