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2020 LGBTQ+ Population Index

The global population of individuals from across the LGBTQ+ community

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Learn more about the population of the global LGBTQ+ community. From the total number of individuals by country to key statistics for every country, region and sub-region from around the world

It is estimated that 200.8 million LGBTQ+ individuals live around the world
Disclaimer: The LGBTQ+ population index is based on conservative estimates relating to the size of the LGBTQ+ community, which has been applied to the total population recorded in 2018. We are not able to accurately confirm the actual number of LGBTQ+ individuals living within any given country as there are no official censuses carried out that focus specifically around sexual orientations or identities, therefore the volumes are based on reasonable estimates. We do acknowledge that the actual size may be higher or lower than our forecasts in certain countries. The index is a global index and will include countries in which identifying as LGBTQ+ is considered illegal or where the individual is likely to be persecuted. The estimates are applied to the entire world population, and the index is for illustration purposes only and is not a census or tool to be used to single out or isolate a proportion of any given country’s population.

The LGBTQ+ population index uses conservative estimates against official population statistics for every country in the world that helps us to create an estimated global LGBTQ+ population.

The LGBTQ+ estimates used are based on a variety of articles, research papers and studies carried out across the world over the past twenty plus years. Many of the research and studies provide estimates on the number of LGBTQ+ individuals and range dramatically, with some estimating as high as 15% of the population identifying as LGBTQ+ in one particular country.

The LGBTQ+ population estimates at a country level, enabling us to understand population trends and statics not only for individual countries but also for regions and sub-regions. To understand all of the areas and how the LGBTQ+ population was estimated, click here to view the how it was calculated page


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You can quickly sort, filter and search the data within any table. To sort the columns into ascending or descending order, click on the heading. If you wish to filter, check the relevant tick box or enter a keyword into the filter box found below the available heading. If you want to learn more about any individual country, click on the country name which will take you directly to the country’s profile page within the Gayther site


In 2019: -
  • The LGBTQ+ community grew by 1.3% to 200.8 million individuals against 198.1 million in 2018
  • Oceania has seen the most substantial change with an increase of 5.2% against the previous year, followed by Africa with an increase of 3.3%
  • Europe has seen the lowest growth at 0.1%, followed by the Americas at 0.5%
  • American Samoa saw the most significant drop in population by 11.4%, followed by Venezuela at10.4% and then Iraq at 5.7%
  • The Democratic Republic of the Congo saw the largest increase of 13.5%, followed by Niger at 9.5% and Pakistan at 9.1%

2019 Population

Of the LGBTQ+ population: -

  • Asia has the largest population in the world at 118.8 million or 59%, followed by Africa with 34.5 million or 17%
  • Oceania has the smallest population with 1.1 million or 0.5%, followed by Europe with 19.8 million or 9.8%
  • 26% of the world's LGBTQ+ community live in countries in which it is illegal to commit same-sex related activities, with 6.3% living in countries in which if prosecuted they could receive the death penalty

In 2019, comparing the worldwide LGBTQ+ population against the equality index: -

  • 26% (51.7 million) live in countries in their treatment (rights, laws and protection) are considered Low
  • 53% (106.2 million) live in countries in their treatment (rights, laws and protection) are considered Medium
  • 21% (42.8 million) live in countries in their treatment (rights, laws and protection) are considered High

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