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2018 LGBTQ+ Dollar Index

The global dollar spend by individuals from across the LGBTQ+ community

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Learn more about how much the LGBTQ+ community contributes to the world economy each year

The LGBTQ+ Worldwide Dollar in 2018 was 1.28 trillion, an increase of 4.84% from the previous year
Disclaimer: The LGBTQ+ dollar index is based on conservative estimates relating to the size of the LGBTQ+ community, which has been applied to the total spend and total population recorded in 2018. We are not able to accurately confirm the actual number of LGBTQ+ individuals living within any given country as there are no official censuses carried out that focus specifically around sexual orientations or identities, therefore the volumes are based on reasonable estimates. We do acknowledge that the actual size may be higher or lower than our forecasts in certain countries. The index is a global index and will include countries in which identifying as LGBTQ+ is considered illegal or where the individual is likely to be persecuted. The estimates are applied to the entire world population, and the index is for illustration purposes only and is not a census or tool to be used to single out or isolate a proportion of any given country’s population.

As the saying goes “money makes the world go around”, so like with all ethnicities and communities, LGBTQ+ individuals contribute to both the local and global economy. The concept and size of the LGBTQ+ spend have been around for many years and is often referred to as the pink pound or gay dollar.

Using the LGBTQ+ global population and the Household Consumption Expenditure (HCE) element of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for each country of the world, we were able to estimate that in 2018, the LGBTQ+ community contributed $1.3 trillion to the global economy.

The LGBTQ+ dollar index is based on U.S Dollars ($)

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2018 Dollar Index

  • In 2018, the estimated LGBTQ+ worldwide dollar was 1.28 trillion, an increase of 4.84% from the previous year (2017)

The five largest LGBTQ+ economies are: -

  • United States of America - $376 billion
  • China - $125 billion
  • Japan - $76 billion
  • Germany - $57 billion
  • United Kingdom - $49 billion

In 2018, the amount by continent was: -

  • Africa - $40.6 billion
  • The Americas - $495.1 billion
  • Asia - $402.2 billion
  • Europe - $318.4 billion
  • Oceania - $24.9 billion

Comparing the 2018 LGBTQ+ population against the dollar, per person: -

  • Oceania - $24.6 thousand
  • The Americas - $18.7 thousand
  • Europe - $16.1 thousand
  • Asia - $3.4 thousand
  • Africa - $1.2 thousand

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