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LGBTQ+ Pioneers & Advocates

Learn more about the exceptional pioneers and advocates within the LGBTQ+ community

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Meet the amazing and exceptional individuals that have and are still fighting tirelessly to stop inequality, prejudism and discrimination so that every member of the LGBTQ+ worldwide community can live being free and their true self

Important: Though it is important that you are always true to yourself, there are circumstances in which sharing who you are can put your life in danger. If you feel you are in a situation in which you fear persecution, you should reach out to the amazing worldwide charities and support groups that will be able to assist you

Around the world, countless brave and exceptional individuals, even at great risk, through persecution under antiquated laws or not being accepted for who they are, refuse to deny their true inner self. The Proud2b section is dedicated to those exceptional individuals, whoever they are, wherever they are, providing them with a platform to share their personal and inspirational stories.

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Learn more about the amazing individuals still are still advocating and fighting for LGBTQ+ equal rights and the freedom for everyone, wherever they are, to be their true self without persecution around the world


Learn more about the exceptional individuals that throughout time have made a stand to fight for LGBTQ+ rights around the world. Let history remember these unique, brave and fearless individuals

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