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Opensource project for the LGBTQIA+ community

Gayther is proud to introduce Wecare.LGBT, an open-source project focused on collecting, organising and sharing LGBTQIA+ related information with the world. The project was created to ensure that community information is recorded and made available freely in a format that is accessible to all. The project aims to become a central library for all LGBTQIA+ related data that will grow over time and become a valuable resource widely accessed and used worldwide. Wecare.LGBT was designed so that those from within the community can add and manage the data

What is an Opensource project?

An opensource project is a type of licence that gives everyone, those directly involved and those accessing the project, permission to use, review, modify and share the project’s related information (often code or data), which is also provided free of any charge. Opensource promotes collaborative working, where large groups of people work together to keep the information updated and ever expand the project’s data or code.

The opensource licence will typically outline the project’s terms and conditions, from acceptable use and all available data and code types. There are many different types of opensource licenses; however, both individuals and companies will typically use the project’s data or code. Providing the data free of charge makes the information widely available and improves the accuracy and completeness of community-related data or code. Companies, blogs, news outlets and services are not only able to quickly and easily access the data; however, it also enhances and makes important information widely available to their customers and readers
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A database of hundreds of LGBTQIA+ events taking place around the world and throughout the year. The database was designed to allow event organisers to manage and update their own events, provide details and key information, and ensure that the most accurate and updated data is available for people to share. Ensuring that all websites, news outlets, services, and blogs promote the right information has been a significant challenge in the past. Often, many event organisers spent a lot of time dealing with queries and searching for incorrect listings. The project means that changes are available immediately on the website and in the next scheduled download files

Other available data will continue to grow and expand the data available to the general public, so why not explore what the project has to offer today

Gayther Affinity is a private platform for the LGBTQIA+ community and their friends. A space that gives you the freedom to be yourself, helping you communicate with and connect to people similar to yourself from around the world and from all age groups and backgrounds. Get involved with groups discussions, ask questions or quickly search for inclusive business, services, and events near you. Gayther Affinity is committed to safeguarding its users. Through a closed network where user registration is required and enforcing block/report policies and functions to stop online abuse. Signup for your free Affinity account today.


What if I spot a mistake?

You can contact Gayther if the information is on any of the trinary websites or services are incorrect, or by visiting the takedown or amendment forms available on the project’s website

Can anyone use the data available on

Yes, however, there are standard terms and conditions that you have to agree to follow. For example, individuals and companies can share all available data but are not allowed to repackage or charge their customers to access any of the data provided by the project

How often is the data updated?

The data within each of the databases will be updated when a change occurs, such as adding new events, individuals that now identify as LGBTQIA+ or any triggers for the other datasets. Each of the databases will be packaged frequently and made available for download, which means everyone can get the latest information quickly and easily


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Acceptance and coming to terms with a part of what makes you can be challenging for many people. The Gayther pride in series is about celebrating all things relating to sexualities, gender identities and special groups. Showcasing the exceptional people, interesting facts and ways to connect with those unique communities, all designed to help and promote pride in LGBTQIA+ identities


Find LGBTQIA+ related and inclusive events going on around you. Never miss an event again
Search and discover all of the available smartphone apps, both android and IOS, designed and available for use within the global LGBTQIA+ community
Search and discover all of the resources available on the various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and many more services
Learn more about the exceptional LGBTQIA+ community, discover the community’s history, the ongoing movement for equality and much more


Discover more about the extensive tools, services and guides available on Gayther. From country and regional guides to LGBTQIA+ community resources, learn more about all that Gayther has to offer

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: All of the information, services, and tools are designed for illustration purposes only and do not constitute advice as it does not consider your personal circumstances. Though we endeavour to keep all of the data across the site updated, we do not provide any guarantees to the accuracy and completeness of the information.

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