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Worldwide Significant Dates

Discover all of the significant dates from around the world

Worldwide Significant Dates

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Disclaimer: The dates featured on this page have been collated using a variety of different sources. Dates can often change, and it is essential that you independently verify any dates to ensure that you have the latest information before you make any travel arrangements or plans

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Spain 01-Jan Feast of the Holy Family
World 01-Jan New Year's Day
Haiti 01-Jan New Year's Day/Independence Day
Czech Republic 01-Jan Restoration of the Czech Independence Day
Haiti 02-Jan Heroes’ Day/Ancestors’ Day
Japan 02-Jan January 2 Bank Holiday
World 02-Jan National Personal Trainer Awareness Day
World 02-Jan National Science Fiction Day
Cuba 02-Jan New Year Day
Japan 03-Jan January 3 Bank Holiday
Myanmar 04-Jan Independence Day
Congo, Democratic Republic Of The 04-Jan Martyrs of Independence Day
World 04-Jan National Spaghetti Day
World 04-Jan National Trivia Day
World 04-Jan World Braille Day
Armenia 05-Jan Armenian Christmas Eve
Sweden 05-Jan Twelfth Night
Armenia 06-Jan Armenian Christmas Day

World 06-Jan Christmas Eve (Orthodox)
World 06-Jan Epiphany
World 06-Jan National Technology Day
World 06-Jan Orthodox Christmas Eve
Mexico 06-Jan The Three Wise Men Day
Israel 07-Jan Asarah B'Tevet
Kosovo, Republic of 07-Jan Christmas Day
Egypt 07-Jan Coptic Christmas Day
Liberia 07-Jan Pioneers Day
Cambodia 07-Jan Victory over Genocide Day
Bosnia and Herzegovina 09-Jan Day of the Republika Srpska
Panama 09-Jan Martyr´s Day
World 11-Jan National Human Trafficking Awareness Day
Japan 13-Jan Coming of Age Day
Mongolia 13-Jan Constitution Day
India 14-Jan Makar Sankranti
World 14-Jan Orthodox New Year

Georgia 19-Jan Orthodox Epiphany
World 19-Jan World Religion Day
United States of America (USA) 20-Jan Civil Rights Day
Cape Verde 20-Jan Heroes Day
Guinea-Bissau 20-Jan Heroes Day
United States of America (USA) 20-Jan Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Azerbaijan 20-Jan Martyrs’ Day
World 20-Jan National Spouses Day
World 21-Jan International Stand Up to Bullying Day
China, People's republic 24-Jan Spring Festival Eve
Romania 24-Jan Unification Day
World 25-Jan Chinese New Year
Australia 26-Jan Australia Day
World 27-Jan International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust
World 27-Jan International Holocaust Remembrance Day
Monaco 27-Jan Saint Dévote's Day
Serbia 27-Jan Spirituality Day/St Sava's Day


World 01-Feb Black History Month
World 01-Feb National Freedom Day
United States of America (USA) 04-Feb Rosa Parks Day
Mexico 05-Feb Constitution Day
World 06-Feb International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation
Israel 10-Feb Tu Bishvat

Japan 11-Feb National Foundation Day
World 11-Feb Youth Day
World 14-Feb Valentine's Day
World 17-Feb Family Day
World 17-Feb Random Act of Kindness Day
World 21-Feb International Mother Language Day

Brazil 22-Feb Carnival
Taiwan 24-Feb Earth God's Birthday
China, People's republic 24-Feb Zhonghe Festival
United Kingdom 25-Feb Shrove Tuesday
World 29-Feb Leap Day


Paraguay 01-Mar Heroes' Day
Korea, South 01-Mar Independence Movement Day
United Kingdom 01-Mar St. David's Day
World 01-Mar Women's History Month
World 01-Mar Zero Discrimination Day
Spain 05-Mar Fifth of March
World 08-Mar International Women's Day

World 09-Mar Commonwealth Day
Australia 09-Mar Labour Day
Israel 09-Mar Ta'anit Esther (Fast of Esther)
World 10-Mar National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 14-Mar National Heroes Day
Ireland 17-Mar St. Patrick's Day
World 20-Mar International Day of Happiness

World 20-Mar National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
Japan 20-Mar Spring Equinox
World 21-Mar International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
Iran, Islamic Republic of 22-Mar Prophet's Ascension
LGBT 31-Mar International Transgender Day of Visibility


World 01-Apr April Fools
World 03-Apr National Find a Rainbow Day
Hong Kong 04-Apr Ching Ming Festival
Angola 04-Apr Peace Day
Taiwan 07-Apr God of Medicine's Birthday
World 07-Apr World Health Day
Israel 09-Apr Passover
LGBT 10-Apr Day of Silence
World 10-Apr Good Friday
World 11-Apr Holy Saturday

World 11-Apr National Pet Day
World 12-Apr Easter Sunday
World 13-Apr Easter Monday
South Africa 13-Apr Family Day
Israel 16-Apr Last Day of Passover
World 17-Apr Orthodox Good Friday
World 18-Apr Holy Saturday (Orthodox)
World 19-Apr Orthodox Easter Sunday
United States of America (USA) 20-Apr Patriot's Day

World 22-Apr Earth Day
United Kingdom 23-Apr St. George's Day
World 24-Apr Ramadan
Italy 25-Apr Liberation Day
Israel 28-Apr Yom HaZikaron (Memorial Day)
Colombia 29-Apr Day of Trees
Japan 29-Apr Shōwa Day
World 30-Apr Buddha's Birthday
World 30-Apr Carnival Day

05 MAY

World 01-May Labour Day / May Day
Poland 03-May Constitution Day
World 03-May World Press Freedom Day
Netherlands 04-May Remembrance Day
Mexico 05-May Cinco de Mayo
Germany 05-May Europe Day

Norway 08-May Day of liberation
World 08-May Mental Health Awareness Week
LGBT 16-May Honour Our LGBT Elders Day
LGBT 17-May International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia (IDAHOT)
World 18-May National HIV Vaccine Awareness Day
LGBT 22-May Harvey Milk Day

World 23-May End of Ramadan
LGBT 24-May Pansexual Visibility
World 25-May Africa Day
Argentina 25-May National Day/May 1810 Revolution
World 30-May Pentecost Eve


World 01-Jun International Children Day
LGBT 01-Jun LGBTQ+ Pride Month
Switzerland 01-Jun Pentecost Monday
Italy 02-Jun Republic Day
Sweden 06-Jun National day

Portugal 10-Jun Portugal Day
Russia 12-Jun Russia Day
World 19-Jun International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict
World 20-Jun Summer Solstice

Lithuania 24-Jun St John's Day/Day of Dew
World 26-Jun United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture
LGBT 28-Jun Stonewall Riots Anniversary
Malta 29-Jun Feast of Saints Peter and Paul


United States of America (USA) 04-Jul Independence Day
Japan 07-Jul Star Festival
World 11-Jul World Population Day
France 14-Jul Bastille Day

LGBT 14-Jul International Non-Binary People's Day
World 17-Jul World Day for International Justice
Belgium 21-Jul Belgian National Day
World 24-Jul International Safe Places to Work Day

LGBT 24-Jul Pioneers Day
Venezuela 24-Jul Simón Bolívar´s Birthday
Norway 29-Jul St. Olaf's Day
World 30-Jul International Day of Friendship


Switzerland 01-Aug Swiss National Day
Singapore 09-Aug National Day
Equatorial Guinea 15-Aug Constitution Day
World 15-Aug Day of the Assumption of Mary
Lithuania 15-Aug Feast of the Assumption of Mary

Argentina 17-Aug San Martín Day
World 19-Aug World Humanitarian Day
World 20-Aug Muharram/Islamic New Year
World 22-Aug Ganesh Chaturthi
Uruguay 25-Aug Independence Day

World 26-Aug Women's Equality Day
LGBT 28-Aug Wear it Purple Day
World 30-Aug International Day of the Disappeared
World 30-Aug National Grief Awareness Day


China, People's republic 02-Sep Spirit Festival
World 04-Sep World Sexual Health Day
World 05-Sep International Day of Charity
World 10-Sep World Suicide Prevention Day

Egypt 11-Sep Coptic New Year
World 18-Sep National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day
Israel 19-Sep Rosh Hashana (New Year)
LGBT 21-Sep Bi (Bisexual) Awareness Week

Japan 21-Sep Respect for the Aged Day
LGBT 23-Sep International Celebrate Bisexuality Day
LGBT 27-Sep National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
Czech Republic 28-Sep St. Wenceslas Day


United Kingdom 01-Oct Black History Month
LGBT 01-Oct LGBT History Month
World 05-Oct Mental Illness Awareness Week
LGBT 08-Oct International Lesbian Day
World 10-Oct World Mental Health Day
LGBT 11-Oct National Coming Out Day

Guatemala 12-Oct Dia de la Raza
World 14-Oct National Stop Bullying Day
LGBT 15-Oct National Latino AIDS Awareness Day
LGBT 19-Oct National LGBT Center Awareness Day
LGBT 21-Oct International Pronouns Day
British Virgin Islands 21-Oct Saint Ursula's Day

LGBT 25-Oct Ace (Asexual) Awareness Week
LGBT 26-Oct Intersex Awareness Day
Cyprus 28-Oct Ochi Day
World 29-Oct The Prophet Muhammad's Birthday
World 31-Oct Halloween


World 01-Nov All Saints' Day
World 01-Nov All Saints' Eve
LGBT 01-Nov TransParent Day
World 02-Nov All Souls' Day
United Kingdom 05-Nov Guy Fawkes Night
LGBT 08-Nov Intersex Day of Remembrance

United Kingdom 08-Nov Remembrance Sunday
LGBT 11-Nov Transgender Awareness Week
World 13-Nov World Kindness Day
World 16-Nov International Day for Tolerance
World 19-Nov International Journalist's Remembrance Day
World 19-Nov International Men's Day

LGBT 20-Nov Transgender Day of Remembrance
World 25-Nov International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
United States of America (USA) 26-Nov Thanksgiving (USA)
United States of America (USA) 27-Nov Black Friday
United States of America (USA) 27-Nov Presidents' Day
United States of America (USA) 30-Nov Cyber Monday


United States of America (USA) 01-Dec Rosa Parks Day
World 01-Dec World AIDS Day
Netherlands 05-Dec St Nicholas' Eve/Sinterklaas
Colombia 07-Dec Eve of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Chile 08-Dec Immaculate Conception Day
LGBT 08-Dec Pansexual Pride Day

Israel 11-Dec Hanukkah
Mexico 12-Dec Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe
World 21-Dec Winter Solstice
World 24-Dec Christmas Eve
World 25-Dec Christmas Day
World 26-Dec Boxing Day

World 26-Dec Day of Goodwill
World 26-Dec Kwanzaa
Mexico 28-Dec Day of the Holy Innocents
Ireland 28-Dec St. Stephen's Day
World 31-Dec International New Year's Eve

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