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4.0  Interactive Map

4.1  Africa (CT0100000)

4.1.2  Central Africa (CT0101000)  Angola (CT0101001)  Cameroon (CT0101005)  Central African Republic (CT0101003)  Chad (CT0101009)  Congo, Democratic Republic Of The (CT0101002)  Congo, Republic of (CT0101004)  Equatorial Guinea (CT0101007)  Gabon (CT0101006)  Sao Tome and Principe (CT0101008)

4.1.3  Eastern Africa (CT0102000)  Burundi (CT0102001)  Comoros (CT0102006)  Djibouti (CT0102002)  Eritrea (CT0102003)  Ethiopia (CT0102004)  Kenya (CT0102005)  Madagascar (CT0102007)  Malawi (CT0102009)  Mauritius (CT0102008)  Mayotte (CT0102017)  Mozambique (CT0102010)  Reunion (CT0102011)  Rwanda (CT0102012)  Seychelles (CT0102013)  Somalia (CT0102014)  Tanzania (CT0102015)  Uganda (CT0102016)  Zambia (CT0102018)  Zimbabwe (CT0102019)

4.1.4  Northern Africa (CT0103000)  Algeria (CT0103001)  Egypt (CT0103002)  Libya (CT0103003)  Morocco (CT0103004)  South Sudan (CT0103006)  Sudan (CT0103005)  Tunisia (CT0103007)

4.1.5  Southern Africa (CT0104000)  Botswana (CT0104001)  Lesotho (CT0104002)  Namibia (CT0104003)  South Africa (CT0104005)  Swaziland (CT0104004)

4.1.6  Western Africa (CT0105000)  Benin (CT0105002)  Burkina Faso (CT0105001)  Cape Verde (CT0105004)  Gambia, The (CT0105006)  Ghana (CT0105005)  Guinea (CT0105007)  Guinea-Bissau (CT0105008)  Ivory Coast (CT0105003)  Liberia (CT0105009)  Mali (CT0105010)  Mauritania (CT0105011)  Niger (CT0105012)  Nigeria (CT0105013)  Saint Helena (CT0105014)  Senegal (CT0105016)  Sierra Leone (CT0105015)  Togo (CT0105017)

4.2  Americas (CT0200000)

4.2.1  Caribbean (CT0201000)  Antigua and Barbuda (CT0201001)  Anguilla (CT0201002)  Bahamas, The (CT0201007)  Barbados (CT0201004)  British Virgin Islands (CT0201025)  Caribbean Netherlands (CT0201006)  Cayman Islands (CT0201016)  Cuba (CT0201008)  Dominica (CT0201009)  Dominican Republic (CT0201010)  Grenada (CT0201011)  Guadeloupe (CT0201012)  Haiti (CT0201013)  Jamaica (CT0201014)  Martinique (CT0201019)  Netherlands Antilles (CT0201003)  Puerto Rico (CT0201020)  Saint Barthelemy (CT0201005)  Saint Kitts and Nevis (CT0201015)  Saint Lucia (CT0201017)  Saint Martin (Dutch) (CT0201021)  Saint Martin (French) (CT0201018)  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (CT0201024)  Trinidad and Tobago (CT0201023)  Turks and Caicos Islands (CT0201022)  United States Virgin Islands (CT0201026)

4.2.2  Central America (CT0202000)  Belize (CT0202001)  Costa Rica (CT0202002)  El Salvador (CT0202008)  Guatemala (CT0202003)  Honduras (CT0202004)  Mexico (CT0202005)  Nicaragua (CT0202006)  Panama (CT0202007)

4.2.3  North America (CT0203000)  Bermuda (CT0203001)  Canada (CT0203002)  Greenland (CT0203003)  Saint Pierre and Miquelon (CT0203004)  United States of America (USA) (CT0203005)

4.2.4  South America (CT0204000)  Argentina (CT0204001)  Bolivia (CT0204002)  Brazil (CT0204003)  Chile (CT0204004)  Colombia (CT0204005)  Ecuador (CT0204006)  Falkland Islands (Malvinas) (CT0204007)  French Guiana (CT0204008)  Guyana (CT0204009)  Peru (CT0204010)  Paraguay (CT0204011)  Suriname (CT0204012)  Uruguay (CT0204013)  Venezuela (CT0204014)

4.3  Asia (CT0300000)

4.3.1  Eastern Asia (CT0301000)  China, People's republic (CT0301001)  Hong Kong (CT0301002)  Japan (CT0301003)  Korea, North (CT0301004)  Korea, South (CT0301005)  Myanmar (CT0301006)  Mongolia (CT0301007)  Macau (CT0301008)  Taiwan (CT0301009)

4.3.2  South-central Asia (CT0302000)  Afghanistan (CT0302001)  Bangladesh (CT0302002)  Bhutan (CT0302003)  India (CT0302004)  Iran, Islamic Republic of (CT0302005)  Kazakhstan (CT0302007)  Kyrgyzstan (CT0302006)  Maldives (CT0302009)  Nepal (CT0302010)  Pakistan (CT0302011)  Sri Lanka (CT0302008)  Tajikistan (CT0302012)  Turkmenistan (CT0302013)  Uzbekistan (CT0302014)

4.3.3  South-eastern Asia (CT0303000)  Brunei Darussalam (CT0303001)  Cambodia (CT0303002)  East Timor (CT0303003)  Indonesia (CT0303004)  Laos (CT0303005)  Malaysia (CT0303006)  Philippines (CT0303007)  Singapore (CT0303008)  Thailand (CT0303009)  Vietnam (CT0303010)

4.3.4  Western Asia (CT0304000)  Armenia (CT0304002)  Azerbaijan (CT0304003)  Bahrain (CT0304004)  Cyprus (CT0304005)  Georgia (CT0304006)  Iraq (CT0304008)  Israel (CT0304007)  Jordan (CT0304009)  Kuwait (CT0304010)  Lebanon (CT0304011)  Oman (CT0304012)  Palestine, State of (CT0304013)  Qatar (CT0304014)  Saudi Arabia (CT0304015)  Syria (CT0304016)  Turkey (CT0304017)  United Arab Emirates (CT0304001)  Yemen (CT0304018)

4.4  Europe (CT0400000)

4.4.1  Eastern Europe (CT0401000)  Belarus (CT0401002)  Bulgaria (CT0401001)  Czech Republic (CT0401003)  Hungary (CT0401004)  Moldova (CT0401005)  Poland (CT0401006)  Romania (CT0401007)  Russia (CT0401008)  Slovakia (CT0401009)  Ukraine (CT0401010)

4.4.2  Northern Europe (CT0402000)  Channel Islands (CT0402012)  Denmark (CT0402001)  Estonia (CT0402002)  Finland (CT0402003)  Iceland (CT0402007)  Ireland (CT0402005)  Isle of Man (CT0402006)  Latvia (CT0402009)  Lithuania (CT0402008)  Norway (CT0402010)  Sweden (CT0402011)  United Kingdom (CT0402004)

4.4.3  Southern Europe (CT0403000)  Albania (CT0403002)  Andorra (CT0403001)  Bosnia and Herzegovina (CT0403003)  Croatia (CT0403007)  Gibraltar (CT0403005)  Greece (CT0403006)  Italy (CT0403008)  Kosovo, Republic of (CT0403017)  Macedonia (CT0403010)  Malta (CT0403011)  Montenegro (CT0403009)  Portugal (CT0403012)  San Marino (CT0403015)  Serbia (CT0403013)  Slovenia (CT0403014)  Spain (CT0403004)  Vatican City (CT0403016)

4.4.4  Western Europe (CT0404000)  Austria (CT0404001)  Belgium (CT0404002)  France (CT0404005)  Germany (CT0404004)  Liechtenstein (CT0404006)  Luxembourg (CT0404007)  Monaco (CT0404008)  Netherlands (CT0404009)  Switzerland (CT0404003)

4.5  Oceania (CT0500000)

4.5.1  Australasia (CT0501000)  Australia (CT0501001)  New Zealand (CT0501002)

4.5.2  Melanesia (CT0502000)  Fiji (CT0502001)  New Caledonia (CT0502002)  Papua New Guinea (CT0502003)  Solomon Islands (CT0502004)  Vanuatu (CT0502005)

4.5.3  Micronesia (CT0503000)  Guam (CT0503002)  Kiribati (CT0503003)  Marshall Islands (CT0503004)  Micronesia, Federated States of (CT0503001)  Nauru (CT0503006)  Northern Mariana Islands (CT0503005)  Palau (CT0503007)

4.5.4  Polynesia (CT0504000)  American Samoa (CT0504001)  Cook Islands (CT0504002)  French Polynesia (CT0504004)  Niue (CT0504003)  Pitcairn Islands (CT0504005)  Samoa (CT0504010)  Tokelau (CT0504006)  Tonga (CT0504007)  Tuvalu (CT0504008)  Wallis and Futuna (CT0504009)

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