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Community Network

Working with businesses and services that benefit the LGBTQ+ community

Community Network

We believe in our service and the LGBTQ+ community

With an estimated 198 million people worldwide and spending 1.22 trillion dollars each year, the LGBTQ+ community is large and has serious spending power. Even with a population of a large country and a considerable GDP, the LGBTQ+ community is one that is still underserved, and though there are some excellent resources and services available, there is still a lot of opportunity and room for businesses to develop new products and services.

Competition is a great thing; it helps to improve all of the services and products offered to customers and ensures costs remain competitive; however, with the introduction of new services it can disrupt established businesses and services.

Community Network
At Gayther, we feel differently. We are a global business, and our values and mantra are focused around working together and growing the offering available to the LGBTQ+ community, so why not extend that same sentiment to our competitors?

There are many quality services, groups, associations with similar offerings to Gayther, however often they serve specific geographic areas, sections of the community or simply focus on specific services only. By working together; we can give customers the opportunity to get the best value and to be part of leading services and solutions.

LGBTQ+ Friends

Let’s say there is a listing company in the Netherlands (we will call it LGBTQ+ Friends) that provides a local gay-friendly business listing service. Through working with Gayther, the LGBTQ+ Friends could increase their offering to customers by also listing on Gayther at the same time.

The LGBTQ+ Friends customer would only be required to create and update their profile once on the LGBTQ+ Friends service. LGBTQ+ Friends, in turn, would create and maintain all of their customer profiles on Gayther.

LGBTQ+ Friends customers would continue being part of a specialist service but also gaining access to an international and local audience at the same time through Gayther.


Establish Pricing
We establish a pricing structure based on the required services and number of clients you manage


Community Network Account
A community network account will be created for you to manage


Manage your customers
You continue to manage your clients, enabling you to either absorb/include the cost of Gayther within your membership/subscription fees (as a benefit) or charge an additional elected fee


Customer Profiles
You will upload your customers' profiles, pictures etc. to the Gayther site


Once live you can communicate the Community Network arrangement to your clients

Key Benefits

Benefits Added
Ability to offer Gayther as a benefit or addition to your existing plans or membership arrangements

Discounts Pricing
You will get discounted pricing based on the number of clients you manage

Free Banner
A free banner on a country or regional page for three months (to help promote the network)

Listed Page
Your business, group, association etc. listed on our community network page

Ethical Business
At Gayther, we are passionate about the global community and believe that you can be both a commercial business and still help and support the wider community. Gayther is built on values that not only underpins how we approach our business but also how we serve our customers. Click here to learn more about our values and the way we have put them into practice


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