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Meet Hapi

The mascot

Meet Hapi

Hello my name is Hapi and yes you have guessed it, I am a spotted Hyena. Before we get into the misconceptions that exist regarding Hyenas, I wanted to explain my name

My personal pronouns are:

Tey | Ter | Tem | Ters | Terself

What’s in a name

I was named after the ancient androgynous Egyptian god Hapi, who was known as the bringer of vegetation to the banks of the river Nile. In drawings of the god Hapi, you will typically see, a large belly, female chest and a ceremonial false beard. Hapi was a well-respected and revered ancient Egyptian god, and given Hapi was worshipped over five thousand years ago, it is still impressive to have such a well-known deity being androgynous.

Now about my kind

We are a greatly misunderstood and misrepresented mammal, we have been villainised in films, cartoons and books, but I am no villain. People often fear what they do not know, so here are a few facts about my kind: -

  • We have been on the earth for over 24 million years
  • We are primarily nocturnal animals, so we come out at night
  • People only see us as scavengers; however, we are also effective hunters
  • We are the original recyclers as nothing goes to waste
  • We are highly intelligent and social animals
  • We live in large groups which are known as clans
  • Female members of the clan typically lead
  • We are great communicators and use sounds, postures and signals to communicate with each other
  • We laugh, yell, whoop and cackle – some of which can be heard up to 5 kilometres away
  • Our laugh is normally to tell others that we are excited or frustrated

Of course, like humans, there are good and bad hyenas, but once you get to know me,

you will find I am funny, lovable, loyal and a true friend

“I am just Hapi being me.”


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