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Gayther Sources & References

The various sources and references used to compile many of the Gayther resources and guides

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The world is full of interesting facts, research, articles, and stories. Without these amazing resources, we would not be able to provide the range and scale of services we offer on Gayther



The saying “it takes a village when raising a child”, is also true when it comes to the Gayther service. We live in an age in which there are so many fantastic resources at our disposal.

To create the Gayther service, we compiled data from a variety of resources and wanted to dedicate this page to highlight those sources.

The majority of the services associated with the sources are provided to visitors free of charge, so we do not financially benefit from those specific aspects of the site.


Climate-Related Information

The climate-related information was compiled from daily recorded country-specific information obtained from a variety of sources, including various national weather agencies and the GSOD (National Centers for Environmental Information (NOAA))

The data is presented for non-commercial purposes and is offered free of charge to visitors to the website

  • Country profile pages
  • Regional/State profile pages
  • Climate pages


– various images used throughout the site

We typically use images that are royalty-free or come under the creative commons licence

Images may have been compiled from one or more of the following resources: -

  • Country / Regional Images
  • Banners Images
  • Feature/Title Images
  • Galleries

LGBTQ+ Equality Index

The LGBTQ+ equality index was compiled from a variety of country-related articles and various pages found within Wikipedia

  • Calculating the LGBTQ Equality Index

LGBTQ+ Population Index

The LGBTQ+ worldwide population index was compiled from country specific information obtained from the U.S. Census Bureau | International Programs | International Database -

  • LGBTQ+ Worldwide Population
  • LGBTQ+ Worldwide Dollar Index
  • Country/Regional Pages

LGBTQ+ Worldwide Dollar Index

The LGBTQ+ worldwide dollar index was compiled from country-specific information obtained from the United Nations - National Accounts - Analysis of Main Aggregates (AMA) -

  • LGBTQ+ Worldwide Dollar Index
  • Country/Regional Pages

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