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2020 LGBTQ+ Same-Sex Unions & Marriages

A guide to the countries in the world that recognise same-sex unions and marriages

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A guide to the countries that legally recognise same-sex unions and marriages by country and status of the types of unions recognised

29% of countries around the world recognise some form of same-sex civil unions and partnerships / 22% of countries recognise same-sex marriages
Important: The same-sex unions and marriages guide has been compiled based on the laws that exist within each given country. Though individual states, regions and provinces may have different laws and treatments, the assessment is carried out at a national level. If you are planning to get married or form a legal union, it is recommended that you carry out independent research for your chosen country as laws and regulations change frequently. The guide and data contained within this page are for illustrative purposes only and does not constitute advice.

Like in traditional heterosexual marriages, same-sex unions or marriages are not only a declaration of love or wanting to share your life with someone, but also the legal protection and rights achieved through having the relationship recognised under the law.

To help you quickly find those countries that legally recognise same-sex unions and marriages, we have created an interactive map and sortable table.


   Click on a specific country within the map to learn what types of same-sex unions and marriages that particular country legal recognises

Green – a country that recognises some form of same-sex marriage or civil union


You can quickly sort, filter and search the data within any table. To sort the columns into ascending or descending order, click on the heading. If you wish to filter, check the relevant tick box or enter a keyword into the filter box found below the available heading. If you want to learn more about any individual country, click on the country name which will take you directly to the country’s profile page within the Gayther site


In 2019: -
  • Austria legalised same-sex marriages
  • Taiwan legalised same-sex marriages
  • Ecuador legalised same-sex marriages in a ruling landmark decision
  • Methodist, Evangelical, Lutheran and National Churches are now recognising blessings of same-sex marriages

2019 Gay Marriage

  • In 2019, there were an estimated 200.8 million individuals worldwide within the LGBT community, of that: -
    • 18% can form civil unions or partnerships
    • 15% can form same-sex marriages
  • Asia remains the lowest continent in terms of recognising same-sex marriages with only 2% of countries legalising marriages, followed by Africa with 7% of countries recognising marriages
  • Europe is the highest continent with 40% of countries recognising same-sex marriages and 63% of countries recognising civil unions and partnerships
  • Only two sub-regions (North America and Australasia) have 100% in terms of countries recognising same-sex marriages

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