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LGBTQ+ Support Groups

A list of LGBTQ+ related support groups from around the world

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You are never alone; when coming to terms with or need help in whatever challenges you face, there are times when we all need someone to talk that understands what we are going through

Important: If you or someone you know needs immediate help, please get in contact with the emergency services in your area or country (click to find the emergency telephone numbers quickly). If you feel there is no hope and are fearful of what you might do, get in touch with one of the many suicide prevention or family and lifestyle support groups. You are never alone, and there are people out there that will be able to help, you only need to reach out and know that your life matters

Support groups bring together people facing similar problems or dilemmas, providing them with support, guidance and a common understanding of whatever you are going through or facing.

We have created a simple table, which can be easily filtered by country, by type of support group and contains all the contact information (wherever available) to connect you with the most relevant support group quickly and easily.

The support groups are categorised into six distinct categories, defined by the type of support they are, and the categories include: -

  • Bereavement Support Groups –for people that need help with coming to terms with the loss of a loved one
  • Health and Well Being Support Groups –for people that need help with dealing with a serious illness including suicide prevention, mental health, terminal diseases etc.
  • Family and Life Transition Supports Groups –for people that need support with coming to terms with their gender or sexual identities, this also includes financial advice, divorce, separation etc.
  • Addiction Support Groups – support groups for people that need support in controlling and overcoming addictions, which include alcohol, drugs, sex etc.
  • Violence and Abuse Support Groups – support groups for people that need support in terms of abuse or violence that have been inflicted on them
  • Other – for all other support groups that cannot be categorised using the classifications list above

The list of support groups is provided free of charge, and Gayther does not give any warranties or represent any of the support groups listed. The support groups are required to abide by our general terms and conditions; however, we do not monitor or regulate the support groups listed in any way. It is your responsibility to ensure that you carry out independent research before you give your personal information, that you establish that the support group is legitimate and how the support group will use any information you provide.



You can quickly sort, filter and search the data within any table. To sort the columns into ascending or descending order, click on the heading. If you wish to filter, check the relevant tick box or enter a keyword into the filter box found below the available heading. If you want to learn more about any individual country, click on the country name which will take you directly to the country’s profile page within the Gayther site

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It is vital that no matter your situation or circumstances if you need help, reach out to a charity or support group. Often when we speak and share our concerns, it helps to comes to terms with, to understand and plan what to do next – remember you are not alone and reach out as there are people that care

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