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No two lives or stories are the same, so many factors influence who we are, our experiences and of course how we are treated…, why not share your story today?

Important: Though it is important that you are always true to yourself, there are circumstances in which sharing who you are can put your life in danger. If you feel you are in a situation in which you fear persecution, you should reach out to the amazing worldwide charities and support groups that will be able to assist you

Many people fear what they do not know, basing a lot of their beliefs on assumptions or stereotypes. Often when we meet and get to know the real people from any given community or group, we quickly realise that we are all the same and our race, religion, gender or sexual identities does not define who we are, they just play a small part in what makes us, us.

The Proud2b real-life stories are designed to do just that, to provide a small window into the worldwide LGBTQ+ community, for real-life people to share their experiences and for the world to finally meet the exceptional individuals that form this diverse global community.

For some, sharing is an easy decision, in part given where you live and the freedom you enjoy, whereas others sharing your story can come at great personal risk. We want to hear from everyone, and if you feel like you would put yourself at risk by sharing your experiences, we would encourage you to protect your identity – we have outlined how we can help in the FAQs section below

Whoever you are, wherever you are, we want to hear from you, and we thank you for taking the time to share your personal experiences



  • For Videos - a recording device that can record pictures and sound in one of the following formats - AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, QuickTime, RealVideo, Windows Media Format. Example devices - smartphones, tablets, Video cameras, PCs/laptops with webcam and audio recording capabilities
  • For Audio Only – A device that can record sound in one of the following formats - MP3, MPA, WAV, QuickTime, Windows Media Audio format. Example devices -smartphones, tablets, PCs/laptops with audio recording capabilities
  • A quiet place – with minimal background noises and interruptions
  • The ability to upload or email your recorded videos or audio



1 - Make a note of/download the current themes questions and read the FAQs and general terms and conditions – which explains how the videos will be used and other relevant information

Theme Questions

2 – Once you are ready and have set up your chosen recording device, face the camera in a quiet location

Camera Position


  • Position your recording device so that your head is centred within the screen, with adequate space both above and below the top and bottom of the screen
  • Ideally you should directly face the recording device; however, any angle that you feel most comfortable in is fine (as long as your image is clear and centred)
  • Try to speak clearly and pace your words (too fast makes it difficult for non-native speakers to understand what is being said)
  • Subtitles will be added to your video, so ensure your face is not occupying the bottom part of the screen

3 – Begin recording, remembering to: -

  • At the beginning of each question, state the question number and remain silent for 5 seconds before beginning to speak
  • At the end of each question, remain silent for five seconds before beginning the next question

Checklist Image


  • Try making notes for each of the questions. For the answers to sound natural, you should try listing what you want to say by using keywords or phrases, that way when you are speaking you have a checklist to ensure you have covered everything you wanted to in the recording. If you prefer and want to write a script, practice to make sure it sounds natural and flows well
  • To help us create the subtitles quickly, we would ask that you provide a transcript of your finished recording – a typed up version of what you said in the recording. We will then be able to ensure that the subtitles align to the words as you say them

4 – Once you have finished and are happy with your recording, go to the submission form attaching your recording and the accompanying notes

Submission Image
Submission FormClick Here

Thank you from Gayther, we appreciate you sharing your personal stories and experiences


  • Do not state any personal contact information in your recordings (i.e. my email is, or my number is)
  • Do not use your surname or the surnames of the people you mention. If the person has a unique first name, you should consider using aliases if their identity needs protecting
  • Avoid making slanderous or defamatory statements – if you are referencing a public figure (politician, celebrity), country etc. and it is integral to your story, you need to state “In my opinion”. It is at Gayther’s sole discretion to publish any recordings and does not provide any warrants or represent with regards to any of the videos we display so that any extreme material may result in your recording not being published
  • Do not use the recording as a means of revenge by making personal attacks against people you may know



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