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Worldwide Same-Sex Unions & Marriages Checklist

An easy-to-use checklist to help you plan for your big day
Community Image - Worldwide Same-Sex Unions & Marriages - Checklist

An easy-to-use checklist to help you in planning your same-sex union or marriage

Gayther Community - Marriage Checklist

Planning for your perfect wedding or ceremony will often take a lot of time and effort. The experiences, services, and venues will often be similar regardless of how you identify. From the perfect destination to catering for your big day, many moving parts need to be organized and coordinated for the event to take place without any problems.

The Gayther marriage and union checklist has been designed to help you when planning for your big day. The tool features all of the main activities and services that will likely need to be arranged. It also features links to the Gayther directories, home to the listings of many gay-friendly and tailored businesses and services worldwide.

Download a pdf version of the worldwide same-sex unions and marriage checklist

The Worldwide same-sex unions and marriage checklist is here to help you plan for your big day. The list covers all of the main areas, services, and activities usually associated with a union or marriage.

You can either download the pdf version of the checklist or write down the headings to help with your planning. Remember to add or remove entries, customizing the list to your requirements.

The venue where your union or marriage will take place. You may choose to have one venue for the day and another for the evening part of the event. It is important to remember that you will need to arrange for someone to officiate the wedding. The officiant is the individual who is officially licensed by the area or region to perform the legal part of your ceremony


Typically, you will need a catering company to help provide either a buffet or a three-course meal for your guests in the evening part of the union or wedding. You will need to establish the total number of people attending. Any dietary requirements of your guests and ideas for the kinds of food you would like to serve on your big day. If you are serving a three-course meal and have people with special dietary requirements, make sure you create a seating plan that you can share with the caters ahead of the day

You will need to allow at least three to six months before the big day to make your friends and family aware of the details of the ceremony. Typically, you will have invitations printed which will include the date, time, location of the venue, and instructions on how to confirm if they will be attending


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Transportation is a crucial part of the big day. How will you, your partner, and your family get to the venue on the day? If you have multiple venues, how will you travel between venues, and lastly, how will you travel from the venue at the end of the evening?
Suppose you want to capture the event with professional photographs or a video. You will likely want to employ a photographer or someone to record the big day. If you hire a photographer, remember to establish both the costs for taking the photographs/video as well as the price for purchasing the wedding book/video sets
For the day part of the ceremony, you may want to hire a musician to play the wedding march at your service. For the evening part of the celebration, you will likely require a band or DJ to entertain your guests


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Whether it is for a wedding bouquet, boutonniere, or only flowers for the venue. You will need to hire a florist to help prepare stunning flowers for your big day. You will need to consider your colour scheme for the event and any flowers you would like to be included within your arrangements

No wedding is complete without a cake for you, your friends and your family to enjoy. You will need to inform the baker of the number of guests attending the union or wedding. Any colour schemes you plan to use and any cake flavours and frostings you may require. The size and number of tiers on the cake will depend on the number of guests attending the wedding

Depending on the type of union or marriage, you may require a wedding dress. If wedding dresses are needed, you will need to consider the style of dress you would like and any colours and materials you want to incorporate


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Depending on the type of union or marriage, you may require tailored suits. If suits are needed, you will need to consider the style of suit you would like, any materials, and any colours you want to incorporate

Once the union or marriage is official, you will likely want to show your commitment by wearing a wedding ring. Before purchasing a wedding ring, you will need to establish your ring size and consider the type of ring and jewels that you may wish to add to the ring

No wedding or union will be complete without presents. Whether you want to register gift lists for your guests to choose from or the gifts you buy for your best man, maid of honour, etc.

Traditionally, before the big day, the groom(s) and/or bride(s) will go out with their friends and family to celebrate their pending union or marriage. For the stag or hen events, consider what type of event you want, the number of people that will be attending, and try to invite people ahead of the planned day

After the big day, you will likely want to celebrate your marriage or union by taking a honeymoon. Consider where you want to go, how long you want to spend on vacation, and any activities you might want to do while on your honeymoon
The above list is not exhaustive, and there may be other areas, tasks, or activities that will be required on the day. Ensure that you think through and note all of the areas that apply to your celebration while planning for the big day


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