Promiscuous Equation

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With vast numbers of the LGBTQ+ community using the various tailored smartphone apps, there is a perception that monogamous relationships are not the norm amongst the community, and LGBTQ+ individuals are more accepting of open or commitment-free relationships

Are the youth losing hope?

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In an age full of negativity, reports of world shortages, climate change, rising unemployment, yo-yo economies, pandemics and wars taking the lives of so many across the globe, are the youth of today losing hope?

The rise of malicious spam

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Unsolicited Spam or Scam mail has been around for a long time, however over the past five years the messages are getting darker and more frightening, but what do you do if you receive a malicious spam message?

LGBTQ+ Strong Together

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With 25% of the world’s LGBTQ+ community living in countries where their sexuality is considered illegal, where gender expression is not permitted and now with rumours that minority groups feel underrepresented, is there a risk of splintering within the representative groups and associations?

Verified Gay Apps

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Several LGBTQ+ applications are considering the introduction of a process that verifies the identity of the users on their service, however, could this measure designed to combat deception and serious crimes, potentially alienate vulnerable members of the community?

Outing: Wrong or Right?

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BACK TO ARTICLES HAVE YOUR SAY Outing: Right or Wrong? Tell us what you think, is it right for people to be outed? Agree with Outing Depends – really depends on the person & situation Disagree with Outing Please write some text ! Add Option SubmitResults You step outside of the nightclub to get some fresh air when you see …

Tips for Coming Out

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BACK TO ARTICLES HAVE YOUR SAY Tips for coming out On the 11th October, are you? Already out Planning to come out Not sure Please write some text ! Add Option SubmitResults We have all seen and heard of moving coming out stories, of families rejoicing at the news of their child revealing their true identity, though it may be …